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The 5 Best Documentaries on Netflix Streaming


As many know, Netflix has a wide array of films, television series, and more to choose from. With such a variety, we often miss some of the best genre categories, such as the documentaries section. The documentaries section is often one we do not hear a lot of buzz about, but why is this? Many think documentaries are not exciting, or that there is no story behind them, and then the films are not even given a chance. Well, you should change your mind, because if this is your thinking, you are completely wrong.

Netflix currently has over 100 high rated documentaries that are a must watch for all. Today we give you the top 5 documentaries currently streaming on Netflix. Documentaries not only hold stories, but stories closer to the heart that can teach you a lesson. If you are looking for something to watch, definitely choose one of these 5 below, or watch them all!


Being Elmo: A Puppeteer’s Journey
abeing elmo
Have you ever wondered who the man behind Elmo is? Well, in this documentary director Constance A. Marks helps allow every viewer to find out the best secrets of the famous Jim Henson character, Elmo. This film is narrated by Whoopi Goldberg, and follows the life of Kevin Clash, the man who brings Elmo to life everyday. The film has interviews included from various well-known television faces like Frank Oz and Rosie O’Donnell. The touching story is not only a great insider to our favorite puppet friend, but is an artistic and skilled film about how Kevin Clash lives to make children happy.


In the heart of Memphis, Daniel Lindsay and T.J. Martin film a struggling high school football team, as they face defeat over and over again. Since the high school opened in 1899, Manassas High School has never had a football team win a playoff. In 2004 coach Bill Courtney made it his goal to help this struggling and doubtful team not only physically, but emotionally too. In 2009 Bill Courtney’s efforts did not only take off, but saw victory when Manassas High School’s star player gets inches away from completing this 110-year long awaited dream. The touching documentary is not only for sports fans, but is also an emotional tale of a man who sees more for a group of youths who see nothing for themselves.


All This Mayhem
All this mayham
When Eddie Martin finds the two brothers who defeated the #1 skateboarder, Tony Hawk, in the International World Champions, he makes a documentary about their life. Brothers, Tas and Ben Pappas’ world revolves around skateboarding, and they could not imagine doing anything else. Eddie Martin wants to find out how the Pappas brothers got to where they are, as skateboarding seems naturally to them both, but success is a struggle. The documentary features exclusive interviews, fascinating footage, and the big downward spiral for the two brothers.


The Invisible War
athe invisible war
This 2012 documentary hits close to home, and makes you have a different opinion on military services. The film directed by Kirby Dick follows stories of sexual assault in the United States military. When the film premiered at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival many viewers were not only shaken, but many of the users who this touched most were government officials. Each story shared a common theme, such as a lack of resources for the following problems many faced. The documentary won various awards and has been part of the reason the United States military may be changing some of their actions.


Bigger, Stronger, Faster*
abigger stronger faster
When Christopher Bell follows some of the most muscular people around, a lot is learned about the exercise world, or lack there of. The document follows the American obsession with winning, even if steroids are brought into the equation. The film focuses in on the Bell brothers who are both on various performance-enhancing drugs and think this is their ticket to all of their dreams. The film goes over interviews with various doctors, government officials, and more, as we realize that some Americans are so wrapped up in being the best, they cannot see the damage they are doing to themselves.


All 5 of these documentaries are on Netflix streaming right now! Do not forget to watch them before they are removed. Enjoy and happy streaming subscribers! 🙂