The holidays are just around the corner, which means it is time to start drinking peppermint hot cocoa, snuggling up in pajamas, and sitting around the television to watch Christmas films on Netflix streaming. We are here to provide you with a few Christmas films that you should be watching this year. This list includes classics, family favorites, and a few newer films. Enjoy these holiday favorites while you can, and happy holidays from What’s On Netflix! 🙂


Happy Christmas

This film stars Anna Kendrick, as a woman who moves in with a writer, and her newly broken up family. As the holidays are just around the corner, both women decide to spend the holidays together and end up bonding after a initially rocky start. The women do not only learn a lot about each other, but also a lot about themselves too.


Christmas Bounty

This romantic Christmas film starring a former WWE wrestler, Mike “The Miz” Mizanin, and Francia Raisa from Secret Life of the American Teenager in an ABC Family Christmas special from 2013. In the film, the former bounty hunter, played by Raisa, attempts to hide her complicated and difficult past from her new fiance. Everything becomes harder and even more complicated when the young woman returns home for the holidays, but gets caught up in the old bounty that got away due to being home.


Love Actually

This film is much different than most, due to following 10 different love stories during the holiday season in London. The romantic comedy follows many famous actors and actresses during their love lives of good times, bad times, and interesting times. Each story is somehow entangled in the others, which might seem confusing, but it definitely keeps things interesting.



White Christmas

A classic Christmas film, and story that includes Bing Crosby singing the famous Christmas song, but Crosby also stars in the film using his actually name too. If this does not excite you, maybe the story of two friends who fall for two sisters and follow them to a Vermont Inn, which belonged to the former general. The friends and new lovers within this film must work together to save the favorite hotel in the 1954 classic.



The Nightmare Before Christmas

This Disney film follows a skeleton man who wants the best of both holidays. Jack Skellington lives in a world of Halloween, but aspires to be the next Santa Claus, and attempts to bring Christmas to his world. When Jack decides to take over for Santa Claus, things go wrong, and are misconstrued when he decides to kidnap Santa Claus to only give him a break on Christmas Eve.