Netflix is the perfect place to watch new favorite television shows, and films. This month Netflix is doing a lot more than they have before, maybe as an early Christmas present for us all. Netflix streaming is bringing a young adult favorite, Vampire Academy to the website.

Vampire Academy is a film that came out in 2014, towards the end of the supernatural hype, but the film carried a lot of significance, due to it being based on the Vampire Academy books. The books were 2007 best-selling novels by Richelle Mead, and are identical to the film spin-off. The 2014 film was directed by Mark Waters, and was scripted by Daniel Waters.

Vampire Academy follows Rose Hathaway, who is played by Zoey Deutch, a hybrid vampire. Rose is a half human, half vampire. Rose’s best friend is Princess of the the mortal, who are a more peaceful type of vampires. Both girls attend St. Vladamir’s Academy, which is a school, but also a secret haven for other creatures like them. The Academy is has the excitement of adventure, drama, and romance, all wrapped up in one.

Vampire Academy has been a fan favorite, and if you are a lover of the supernatural worlds, stories, and films, you should love this film. Vampire Academy did not do as well at the box office as planned, but the film did meet many of the expectations for the book lovers and supernatural fans. The film was released on Netflix streaming just yesterday, and you will have to decide whether the film is great, or slightly more disappointing than expected. Enjoy Vampire Academy while you can on Netflix streaming, where it is available for all Netflix subscribers.