Miami Vice is a classic that could be leaving Netflix very soon. Everyone is wanting to know if this is true. Sadly, this is true. Miami Vice is leaving Netflix in July. The classic show could possibly return for your unlimited viewing pleasure, but for now the show is taking a little break from Netflix.

As we have stated many times before, Netflix brings new content every month, but must remove some of the old content to make space. This gives all viewers new entertainment to watch, and helps us to stay constantly stay up-to-date with what is popular on other network services. Netflix does bring back some of the content they remove, but for the meantime, the shows that leave do take a mini vacation from the streaming service.

Miami Vice first aired in 1984 and was such a hit that the show was not pulled from television until 1989. The series is widely remembered for the stylish clothes and the soundtrack that you could never forget. The series follows two detectives, Sonny Crockett and Ricardo Tubbs, in this exciting cop show that mainly focused on drug busts. During the cocaine boom of the 1980’s, this show revisited some of the biggest cocaine busts and took us through exactly what the experiences were like. The series was so popular that nobody wanted to stop watching it, and in 2006, Miami Vice was remade into a film starring Colin Ferrell and Jamie Foxx. The film could not surpass the greatness of the 80’s television show, but it gave us a warm and tingly feeling and we remembered the classic series all over again. Thankfully, Netflix gave us Miami Vice for all five seasons.

Miami Vice will be leaving Netflix on July 15th, which gives us less than a month to binge watch all five seasons! The series has no current intention of returning, at the moment, but we can only hope it does. Start binge watching Miami Vice on Netflix today, because there are only 27 days left until the series leaves us! You can find out more about which shows are leaving Netflix on the Leaving Netflix July 2015 list. Happy Streaming!