If you have not heard of the film Leviathan yet, you definitely need to.

Leviathan is a highly rated film, that has had only positive reviews, for the 11 months the film has been released. Rotten Tomatoes gave Leviathan an almost perfect score of 99%, while Metacritic fell right behind those ratings and gave the film a 92%. The film was released in December of 2014, but was originally released in three film festivals before the worldwide release. The Russian drama was directed by Andrey Zvyagintsev, and was written by Zvyagintsev and Oleg Negin.

The story is different, but critics often compare the story to the biblical one of Naboth’s Vineyard, where a King is seeks to take his subjects’ land, due to his pressuring wife whispering ideas into his ear. The film follows a Russian fisherman, Nikolai, who is played by Alexey Serebryakov. Nikolai fights back when the new financially corrupt mayor of the Russian town tries to takeover the possession of Nikolai’s home, which has been passed down for generations. Nikolai is not only fighting for the sacred home he has always know, but fighting for everyone else the mayor is taking advantage of.

Leviathan is a touching story, but has some darkness, and is empowering. The film has said to be a must watch, and we highly recommend that you do watch it. Leviathan has only been on Netflix a few months, and is being taken off of Netflix on November 27th of this year. We are sad to see Leviathan go, as it has been called a “missed film” on Netflix streaming. Hopefully many take advantage of the chance to watch Leviathan before the film is no longer available.