Netflix is coming a long way with their own content, but the newest documentary series that will begin streaming next week has everyone on the edge of their seat.

A new Netflix original will be streaming next week, on December 18th. Making A Murderer is said to be the next hit series on Netflix, but also created by Netflix. Beasts of No Nation was recently released also, with high ratings, high expectations, and did not let us down. Making A Murderer is said to have a similar impact on the streaming world.

Making A Murderer has been talked about for over a month, but just recently a trailer for the documentary series was released. Watch Making A Murderer’s trailer below:

"I think I had a good life…'til all the trouble started." Making A Murderer arrives on Netflix December 18.

Posted by Netflix on Friday, 11 December 2015

The documentary series follows the life of Steven Avery, who has served 18 years for a crime he did not commit. Making A Murderer goes over everything possibly wrong that has happened to Steven Avery and his controversial crime, and punishment being received. The police misconduct, coercion, and tampering with the case of Steven Avery, who was wrongly accused of sexual assault and spent 18 years of his life in jail. Two years after Avery’s release, he was exonerated with DNA evidence, and promptly accused of a murder.

The behind the scenes tampering, misconduct, and clear ruining of Steven Avery’s life by the police and other trusted officials brings many people to fear the people they have been trusting their whole life. Steven Avery lives in a world of no justice, and we are seeing this unfiltered, and raw for the first time on television.

Making A Murderer is a must watch and will quickly become a favorite. The documentary series will be available December 18th, less than a week away.