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Netflix Socks Automatically Pause Your Show


Many Netflix binge watchers, like myself, end up spending many hours watching Netflix. The hours that were once 3pm, quickly turn to 3am, and we end up falling asleep in the middle of our favorite shows. Sadly, Netflix continues to keep rolling, and if you are watching a series, the ...

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    ‘Jessica Jones’ is a Few Days Away!


    As many know, the new Netflix original series, Jessica Jones is coming out this month. Time has flown, and Jessica Jones is closer than ever to being a piece of the Netflix library. Many have been anticipating the day, November 20th, when the series is finally here. We received a ...

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      Netflix Expands to South Korea


      Netflix is a constantly expanding and growing company that has been doing quite well over the last few years. The company has over 40 million subscribers, thus far, and plans to almost double in the next few years. Netflix’s newest accomplishment is getting over to South Korea. Netflix just launched ...

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        New Animated Children’s Shows on Netflix


        Netflix is constantly expanding, but being that Netflix is a service for the whole family, the streaming service will be adding five new children’s shows and possibly a few more than that! There will be a new lineup of animated children’s shows for the younger viewers to watch, including a ...

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          Sightseers (2013)


          If you are looking for something to watch on Netflix, you should check out a film that is slightly dark called Sightseers. Sightseers is a british horror, but also considered a comedy. The film was directed by Ben Wheatley, but written by and starring Alice Lowe and Steve Oram. Sightseers ...

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            Is Degrassi Coming to Netflix?


            Netflix is great for bringing back classic favorites from the dead, but this one may be the best yet. Rumors surfaced that Netflix may be bringing back Degrassi, our favorite 80’s and 90’s television show that got remade multiple times because we love it that much! Netflix has announced that ...

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              Is Netflix Paying Big Bucks for Brad Pitt?


              Netflix is stepping up, by paying for the rights to a new Brad Pitt film, War Machine, but this deal is not cheap at all. This will be one of the biggest purchases and premieres in Netflix’s history, especially having such a high profile celebrity, such as, Brad Pitt. The ...

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                Is Netflix Adding Telenovelas?


                Netflix is constantly looking for new ways to expand and grow, but this may be a big surprise for everyone! Netflix has announced that they will be connecting to the Spanish language by adding Spanish based entertainment to their network. A variety will be added to the network, such as: ...

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