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Netflix was Down for Everyone


Do not fret! You are not the only one who was experiencing technical difficulties with Netflix! On November 10th, 2015, Netflix seemed to be experiencing some unexplained technical issues, and many people thought it was just them. The people were concerned that maybe their account was hacked, or something was ...

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    How to Outwit Your Kids with Netflix


    Netflix has gotten quite smart lately, and if you are a parent, you may want to know how. As parents you may often be battling your kids to go to bed on time, because they want just five more minutes to stay up, or want to keep watching television. Believe ...

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      Is Sense8 Coming Back for a Second Season?


      Netflix viewers have fallen in love with the science-fiction series, Sense8. The series has not been on Netflix long at all, but viewers have been hounding Netflix with questions of if the show will return for a second season or not. Other Netflix originals got their renewals in the Spring, ...

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        Has Netflix Revealed a Teaser for Narcos?


        Netflix has had everyone on their toes about a show called Narcos, that has been set to premiere soon, but nobody knew when. Narcos follows the real-life stories of the drug lords during the 1980’s, along with the law enforcement who was trying to meet them head on in a ...

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          Netflix Expansion to 150 New Countries?


          The Netflix company has huge plans for expansion and they are amazing globally. Netflix currently is developed in about 50 countries total, but their expansion plans are off the charts. With 60 million subscribers already, the company plans to more than double those numbers in less than two years. The ...

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            New Netflix Pay-As-You-Go Card in the U.K.


            Netflix is a constantly growing corporation and trying to meet all the streamers’ needs cross the globe, but this change is for the U.K. Many people are not comfortable putting their electronic payment methods out on the internet for anyone to steal, and for these reasons, they cannot become Netflix ...

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              Miley Cyrus Contributes to Grace and Frankie Renewal


              Recently, the television series, Grace and Frankie was renewed for a second season and we are applauding the series for making it! The real question is, how was Miley Cyrus involved? Once pop star, Miley Cyrus, tweeted her opinions on Grace and Frankie, a new television series, the producers immediately ...

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                The United Kingdom is catching up!

                PLL omg

                Have you heard? The fact that Netflix started in the United States only means that the United States is top priority, but because of this, other countries have felt neglected. Countries like, The United Kingdom and New Zealand, both not receiving new series and movies for months after the United ...

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                  10 Of The Best Movies On Netflix


                  Are you stuck in the comedy section? Netflix’s endless amount of categories often makes many feel unsure of what to watch, or which category to even dip your feet into. Once you find one you like, it may be hard to try something new. This list will help you discover ...

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