PLL omg

Have you heard?

The fact that Netflix started in the United States only means that the United States is top priority, but because of this, other countries have felt neglected. Countries like, The United Kingdom and New Zealand, both not receiving new series and movies for months after the United States has already received them and blogged about all the spoilers seems quite frustrating, but there may be some progress and change coming!

Netflix’s improvements have been quite amazing, but this one had us all in shock! Netflix released the Pretty Little Liars newest season episodes to the United Kingdom only 24 hours after the United States received them! This was such a big deal, especially for most of the people in The United Kingdom thinking they would be missing Pretty Little Liars for months, but sitting back and watching the United States residents enjoying every moment.

If you are unfamiliar with the series, Pretty Little Liars is a drama series geared towards the younger population. The series follows four girls that are fighting their dark secrets and trying to keep themselves safe while discovering what truly has happened to their deceased friend.

The best news yet was that the seasons are said to continue coming to the United Kingdom, shortly after the United States. Now this is all seemingly positive and too exciting! We can only continue to hope for country equality and that all shows will be streaming on Netflix in every country as soon as possible! Change is coming!