Netflix is a constantly growing corporation and trying to meet all the streamers’ needs cross the globe, but this change is for the U.K. Many people are not comfortable putting their electronic payment methods out on the internet for anyone to steal, and for these reasons, they cannot become Netflix members. Well, now all of those who do not own a credit card or electronic payment method have no worries!

Netflix released a gift card, or pay-as-you-go method awhile back for most United States users. The cards can be found at any local chain store, such as Target, or Walmart. The card is also available at most local grocery stores, but this was only for the U.S. Netflix users. Netflix has officially released the pay-as-you-go method to the United Kingdom. U.K. users can now buy a card that has a set amount of £15, £25, or £50, then subscribe to Netflix as a new user. This way no personal payment methods are put out onto the internet. Netflix currently subscribed members can also use the card on their already registered account. This method can be used on any of Netflix’s three streaming methods: SD, HD and the 4K plan. If you have leftover credit that is not going to pay for a full month, the remaining balance will run for maybe a few days until it runs out.

The method had been quite successful for the U.S., and this is why the idea has expanded onto the U.K. and many members are quite happy with this payment method. The cards can be found in many U.K. stores, such as: Argos, GAME, PC World and Asda. Grocery stores and local gas stations will follow the trend soon and sell the Netflix cards. Hopefully these cards will make their way across the globe and be available to all very soon. In the meantime, enjoy this new expansion U.K.!