Do not fret! You are not the only one who was experiencing technical difficulties with Netflix!

On November 10th, 2015, Netflix seemed to be experiencing some unexplained technical issues, and many people thought it was just them. The people were concerned that maybe their account was hacked, or something was wrong with their own internet connections. This was not the case at all, and you do not need to worry!

Across the United States, the website Down Detector, a website to tell you if other websites are running, or not, received multiple complaints and questionings about why Netflix was down. The Netflix website was experiencing one of the first website outages we have seen. Netflix subscribers were quite upset, and felt like the outage ruined their evening plans, but it is unclear how many were affected, and if it was every country, or just the United States and surrounding countries, like Canada.

One subscriber posted, “There goes my chance to Netflix and chill.”

Around 4:45pm PST, Netflix posted on their customer service Twitter.


About an hour later, Netflix was back up and running! Netflix continually kept us all updated via the customer service Twitter, which we are thankful for. The company even went the extra mile to make sure all questions on the outage post were answered, and in a rapid manner.

The company never gave us real answers behind why the website had such an abrupt outage, but the only thing we can think of is that the servers were impacted, or maybe it was just a weather interrupted power outage. California has been experiencing many power outages, due to the recent rain and snowfall, but also some heavy thunder and lightning.

Stay warm and cozy inside, and watch some Netflix streaming!