If you are unfamiliar with the series Happy Valley, we have all the information for you! Happy Valley is a British Drama television series that originally debuted on BBC. The series was written by Sally Wainwright, while it was directed by Tim Fywell, Sally Wainwright, and Euros Lyn.

The series follows a female police sergeant in West Yorkshire, who is still trying to get through her daughter’s recent suicide. Just as the woman is getting her life back together, along with coming to terms of what has happened, she sees the man who she believes to have brutally raped her daughter, which she feels caused her daughter go go over the edge. The woman soon becomes obsessed with finding the man and seeing him once again, but is unaware that he could be a part of a kidnapping too. As the woman is catching onto all of the things her daughter’s rapist is up to, he must try to disappear and avoid her as much as possible.

Happy Valley is a very intense and dramatic series with ratings to prove why we continue to have Happy Valley around. IMDb rated Happy Valley an 8.5 out of 10, while TV.com has rated the series 8.8 out of 10. The series has become a favorite rapidly, but we are all wondering if the show will continue and come back. The series was renewed for a second season, which is supposed to start production sometime this month, but we have not heard much more. Hopefully the series is in production and there will be a second season, but as of right now we have not heard any more information on a second season, or even the renewal for a third. Fingers crossed that Happy Valley does come back, at least long enough to have a solid ending. If the series ends now, we will be at a lost and left confused.