The August 2015 New Releases list is finally available for the United Kingdom. Now UK residents can see what is specifically available to them starting in August. Many of the titles on the regular Netflix New Releases lists are not yet available to the UK, but soon those releases may be available to the UK also and our lists will build once we found out more information about shows that will be joining the list. Netflix is a US based company and getting the equality and same shows may take a bit longer, but no worries, UK subscribers should also be viewing the US new releases soon too! In the meantime, here a few pieces of entertainment that will for sure be available to UK subscribers in August. Happy Streaming UK subscribers and stay patient, as the other shows will be available to you too soon! 🙂


August 1st

  • The Grandmaster
  • I Dream of Wires

August 6th

  • Spellbound

August 7th

  • Club de Cuervos

August 9th

  • Kick-Ass 2

August 14th

  • Dinotrux

August 28th

  • Narcos