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Netflix Continues to Expand


Netflix is a great company, with many accomplishments under the company’s belt, but one of the bigger accomplishments was getting Netflix over to the continent of Australia. Australians were not only thrilled, but the Americans were just as thrilled to see this company’s growth and expansion. Since Netflix has come to Australia, the company has grown and expanded in every ways, but the amount of Netflix subscribers already in Netflix huge.

Australia has said to have Netflix in 1 in 10 households all over the continent. In August, the amount of subscribers arose from 113,000 from 855,000, an incredible jump. In September the total of Netflix users had a 10.5% increase, and now Australia has about 968,000 subscribers. Netflix has only been available in Australia since March, and has already taken over 10% of households.

19.8% of all young couple households are subscribers to Netflix, just barely ahead of the 18.9% of single Netflix subscribers.

We continue to applaud Netflix for all accomplishments, and Australia for all of the subscriptions. If Netflix is not yet available in your country, just wait a few months. Netflix has some huge plans for expansion for the upcoming year of 2016.


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