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‘F is For Family’ is Coming to Netflix

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Netflix has done it again, with a new animated original that will be coming to the site soon. F is For Family is an animated series that was co-created by Bill Burr, and the word has recently been released on Twitter when the show will premiere.

The hilarious series, F is For Family, follows the Murphy family during the 1970’s. The average looking family with a father, mother, two boys, a girl, and a dog, is not so average at all. The life lived for the Murphy’s in the 70’s, is a bit different than life today. Back to a time where you could smoke inside, not wear seat belts, and smack your kids a little bit without some worrying looks from strangers. The father of the family, frank, will be voiced by Bill Burr himself.

A sneak preview of F is For Family is below:

F is For Family currently has a release date of December 18th. Which we will try to maintain our excitement for since it is only a month away, but no promises! The show has been compared to as a combination of The Simpsons, and BoJack Horseman. If you are a lover of those animated shows, you will definitely love F is For Family!

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