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Have a Merry Christmas, and enjoy time spent with family.

Do not forget, Netflix makes gift cards! Give your loved ones, best friend, or secret Santa, a Netflix gift card of a variety of increments this holiday season. Netflix is the perfect gift for anyone of any age.

Enjoy your holidays!


Netflix is coming a long way with their own content, but the newest documentary series that will begin streaming next week has everyone on the edge of their seat.

A new Netflix original will be streaming next week, on December 18th. Making A Murderer is said to be the next hit series on Netflix, but also created by Netflix. Beasts of No Nation was recently released also, with high ratings, high expectations, and did not let us down. Making A Murderer is said to have a similar impact on the streaming world.

Making A Murderer has been talked about for over a month, but just recently a trailer for the documentary series was released. Watch Making A Murderer’s trailer below:


The documentary series follows the life of Steven Avery, who has served 18 years for a crime he did not commit. Making A Murderer goes over everything possibly wrong that has happened to Steven Avery and his controversial crime, and punishment being received. The police misconduct, coercion, and tampering with the case of Steven Avery, who was wrongly accused of sexual assault and spent 18 years of his life in jail. Two years after Avery’s release, he was exonerated with DNA evidence, and promptly accused of a murder.

The behind the scenes tampering, misconduct, and clear ruining of Steven Avery’s life by the police and other trusted officials brings many people to fear the people they have been trusting their whole life. Steven Avery lives in a world of no justice, and we are seeing this unfiltered, and raw for the first time on television.

Making A Murderer is a must watch and will quickly become a favorite. The documentary series will be available December 18th, less than a week away.


Recently, Ted Sarandos, the head of content for Netflix, talked all about how Netflix is the future for all television. We must say, we agree!

As Netflix has become more popular over the decade, many people have actually unsubscribed to television services, and subscribed to streaming services, such as Netflix. According to Ted Sarandos, this will be television of the future.

“In 10 years…it [television] will be entirely delivered on the Internet. It will be a series of apps that’s closer to what you see on smart TV,” says Sarandos.

Sarandos spoke at Vanity Fair’s New Establishment Summit about the topic. The event was held in San Francisco, California.

As Netflix has goals that expand every year, many users follow and are intrigued by the goals being met. Netflix always makes a priority to have all of the seasons, episodes, and more, for their content. Each available piece of content Netflix wants to be available globally. This cannot always happen, due to country’s laws and regulations, but Netflix tries to do their best.

Sarandaos continued with, “Consumers are changing their behavior. That isn’t a Netflix problem. Every industry has to deal with consumers changing their behavior.”

Bryan Lourd, a Hollywood agent for Creative Artists Agency, not only agreed, but jumped onto the topic with Sarandaos. Lourd showed a 10-year forecast of what television will look like. Lourd plans to see more interactive and virtual reality television, to make viewers feel as if they are more involved with the content they watch.

Sarandos also said he welcomes producers, and films to join the Netflix company. He claims that Netflix is a safer, and more reliable way to go, because they pay a flat fee for the film, instead of per view. This prevents the company from taking advantage of the film company.

We understand why Sarandos feels that Netflix will be the future, and can see a point with why companies should invest their films into Netflix. Sarandos is doing not only good things, but taking big moves! We can only hope to hear more from Sarandos in the future.


New Girl is a popular comedy show that originally started on FOX, but now has three solid seasons on Netflix. Each season has 20+ episodes, which are just under 30 minutes each. This gives plenty of time to enjoy pure entertainment.

The show begins when Jess, who is played by Zooey Deschanel ends up moving in with three single male roommates, when she has a horrible breakup with her boyfriend. Upbeat and quirky Jess is excited for new adventures with her three new best friends. The friendship and bond between the four of them gets tighter each episode, and the boys love having Jess around. Each roommate is completely different from the next. As one struggles to get his life together, another seeks perfection in his social status, and the last roommate has a bit of a social problem. Each individual adds a different kind of personality into Jess’ world, but also gives us pure television comedy entertainment. Together the unlikely bunch tries to stay together and form a bond, along with Jess’ supermodel best friend, Cece.

New Girl first premiered in 2011 and has been ongoing ever since. The series was developed by Elizabeth Meriwether, but is also being produced by the main star of the series, Zooey Deschanel. New Girl has four seasons available on television, and has been renewed for a fifth. Once the fifth season arrives, New Girl’s fourth season should be arriving on Netflix.

Binge watching New Girl until the fourth season arrives on Netflix streaming sounds pretty good right now. All I need are some comfy sweats, a few bowls of popcorn and to lock myself away in my room for a week.

Since Jess seems to disagree, we will drag the binge watching out, and slowly watch all episodes of New Girl until the fourth season is available on Netflix Streaming. We expect that New Girl’s fourth season will be available sometime before January, which only gives a few months until it is available. Until then, slowly binge watch New Girl and do not lock yourself away in your room, just so you do not upset Jess. 😉 Happy Streaming!