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iliza-shlesingerThis summer get ready for some more laughs,  Netflix has announced it will release over 5 new stand-up specials in the months to come.

Comedians include: Ali Wong, Bo Burnham, Jim Jefferies, Jeff Foxworthy and Larry the Cable Guy, and Iliza Shlesinger.

Jeff Foxworthy,  Ali Wong, and Larry The Cable guy are premiering their first Netflix specials, while Burnham, Jeffries, and Schlesinger will be premiering their 2nd.

Ali Wong: Baby Cobra premiering Friday, May 6
Wong has proven her comedic chops as a stand-up for years, even snagging lead roles on series including Are You There, Chelsea? and Black Box, but she has yet to have her own stand-up special. That will change with Baby Cobra, in which Wong becoms the only comic to ever film a stand-up special while seven months pregnant.

Bo Burnham: Make Happy premiering Friday, June 3
Burnham gained a large Internet following as a musical comedian early on thanks to his popular YouTube videos. That early success got Burnham his own MTV series and a 2013 stand-up special, What. With Make Happy, Burnham will continue to blend comedy and music to create a one-of-a-kind theatrical experience.

Jim Jefferies: Freedumb premiering Friday, July 1
Jefferies rose to stand-up prominence for his blunt take on hot-button issues, which earned him his own FX series Legit as well as six stand-up specials, including his 2014 Netflix special Bare. His irreverent humor will stream yet again with Freedumb, which will touch on politics, religion, and Bill Cosby.

Jeff Foxworthy and Larry the Cable Guy: We’ve Been Thinking…premiering Friday, August 26
Frequent collaborators Jeff Foxworthy and Larry the Cable Guy are no strangers to televised stand-up, but this will be their first special with Netflix. With We’ve Been Thinking… the former Blue Collar TV co-stars will deliver their signature brand of non-elegant comedy separately, and then team up for an audience Q&A portion at the end.

Iliza Shlesinger: Confirmed Kills premiering Friday, September 23
As if winning Last Comic Standing wasn’t enough to prove Shlesinger is a comic force to be reckoned with, her energetic 2015 Netflix special Freezing Hot more than proves her comedic prowess. She’ll soon be back with Confirmed Kills, her second special with the streaming service.



Until I was 17, I thought the words “cooking” and “defrosting” were interchangeable. We ate “TV dinners” so much that we each actually had one of these things that looked like a tiny ironing board you unfolded and put in front of the couch at dinner time. They were made to hold a TV dinner, silverware, and a glass of milk. Or in Mom and Dad’s case, a Manhattan.

When I entered the Army at 18, everyone in basic training had to pull a day of what they called “K.P.” It stood for “Kitchen Police” even though we were neither cooks nor law enforcement officers. What we did was the grunt work in the mess hall; washing dishes, mopping floors, and peeling potatoes. It was there I discovered, to my amazement, that mashed potatoes could be made from actual, real potatoes instead of adding water to flakes from a box.

In years past, kids learned to cook at their mother’s knee… depending on how tall she was. But starting with my generation, both parents usually had jobs. When they got home, they wanted the kids fed, but weren’t especially keen on teaching them how to whip up a Crème Brûlée.

So, like a lot of my generation, I learned to cook watching television. Mainly, PBS. I had the legendary Julia Child, the entertaining Jeff Smith (the Frugal Gourmet), the hilarious Cajun Justin Wilson, Chef Paul Prudhomme, the Galloping Gourmet Graham Kerr, and Chef René (the Black Hat Chef) who was easily the meanest, most ill-tempered prick ever to host a TV show.

Type “Cooking” in the Netflix search bar and you’re going to see screen after screen of shows that have something to do with cooking. Marginally. But only five of them will actually teach you anything about doing it yourself.


  1. Good Eats Collection. Alton Brown, the host/creator of Good Eats, is actually a chef—he graduated from the New England Culinary Institute. Good Eats is a combination of old-fashioned “This is how to cook this” TV with a primer on kitchen equipment and an educational treatise on the underlying processes of cooking. It’s also pretty funny and Brown is an amusing guy. Ever since the Food Network stopped airing cooking shows and went into the “Game Shows for Gluttons” business, Netflix and Youtube are about your only sources for an education in the kitchen. Good Eats is the best of the lot.
  2. The Mind of a Chef. This Emmy- and James Beard Award-winning series isn’t all cooking, but hardly any series is anymore. What the producers of this PBS show do is combine travel, history, humor, and cooking by following one chef per season. With titles like “Pig,” “Noodle,” and “Rotten,” how could you not learn something from watching this show? It’s narrated by Anthony Bourdain, everyone’s favorite smart-ass, and is entirely enjoyable even if you never try to cook anything you see.
  3. America’s Test Kitchen. As basic as a cooking show is going to get. The host, Cook’s Illustrated editor-in-chief Christopher Kimball, features three or four actual recipes centered around a central idea; comfort foods, pasta, Asian cuisine, etc. Where Good Eats take the science of cooking and turns it into great slapstick, America’s Test Kitchen actually has a “Science Desk” segment to dissect what’s going on behind the scenes. The show also features an equipment review where they introduce kitchen gadgets and give you a run-down on whether or not the thing is useful. This is a more high-brow approach to cooking than most of the shows you’ll find, but not so much that it detracts from the entertainment value. Try it—who knows?
  4. Throwdown! With Bobby Flay. I hated Bobby Flay for a long time. Something about that wise-ass smirk on his face and the fact that he reminds me of a leprechaun kept me away from any of his shows. Finally, I gave in and tried Throwdown! Well… he is a wise-ass, but not in a mean-spirited way—and he’s also a good cook. This show sounds like it would be a game show, but it’s actually a very good cooking lesson. What they do is challenge Flay to compete against another chef who specializes in one cuisine or specialty. The guest chefs aren’t told ahead of time that Flay will be showing up to challenge them, so when he does show up, the contest begins. Now, Flay is the first to admit that he’s more at home with Tex-Mex than he is baking cupcakes, but the guy is a graduate of the French Culinary Institute, so it’s not like he’s never flambéed a tart. Still, watching he and his two sous-chefs attempt to “beat” the weekly guest chef they’re going up against is a real education in cooking. His record is 32 wins, 1 tie, and 68 losses. I still think he looks like a leprechaun, but now I like him.
  5. Back to Basics. Ina Garten, host of Back to Basics, does the best “how to cook” cooking show left on television. No “look at me,” no “I’m a celebrity,” and no Gordon Ramsay hissy fits. Just plain, everyday, good, simple cooking. What she does very well is make the ordinary extraordinary with just a few, very small and uncomplicated tips and techniques. If you’re having a friend or two drop by for lunch, you want to cook like Ina Garten tells you to cook. Ever had a roasted pear with bleu cheese? Me, neither—but when Ina showed me how easy it was and how delicious it looked, pears and bleu cheese went on the grocery list. This is the kind of cooking show I like.

Honorable mentions:

These aren’t really cooking shows as in “How To Cook,” but they’re worth a watch.

1. Chef’s Table is a Netflix-produced series that picks a famous chef and follows them both in their life and in their restaurant. It’s actually not as much a “cooking instruction” series as it is a “look at this” type series. Yes, you can learn a lot about cooking watching this show, but none of these chefs are going to look at the camera and say, “One cup of flour, a tablespoon of salt, and a pinch of yeast…” They don’t want to teach you, they want you to be in awe.

2. The Great British Baking Show. A game show with contestants, but one of the very few game shows that will actually teach you something. You won’t get any recipes—but really, who needs them when you’ve got the internet. I like to bake, so I like this show. I don’t like to fish, so I don’t like fishing shows. If you don’t like to bake, you won’t like this show. I think that’s called circular logic or something. Probably not.

I suppose it’s too much to hope for, but I wish Netflix would find some of the really old cooking shows and add them to their mix. I miss watching The Frugal Gourmet set off the fire alarm in the studio and I miss watching Julia Child body-slam a whole chicken onto a cutting board. But in the meantime, you can still find plenty of material to get you into the kitchen.

 Don Gillette is a horror/thriller novelist who can also knock out a Boeuf Bourguignon. His latest book, Old Leather, a collection of short fiction, is available at booksellers and on-line retailers world-wide.


Many Netflix binge watchers, like myself, end up spending many hours watching Netflix. The hours that were once 3pm, quickly turn to 3am, and we end up falling asleep in the middle of our favorite shows. Sadly, Netflix continues to keep rolling, and if you are watching a series, the episodes could keep going for hours before the website stops them, your laptop dies, or your television times out. GameSpot may have the answers to all of your binge problems.

GameSpot and Netflix came together to post a page that shows you how to make socks that will pause your Netflix when you fall asleep. The instructions require knowledge of knitting, and a vast amount of knowledge on electronics and the programming of them. We may not all have these skills.

The sock technology can detect whether you are awake or asleep using actigraphy, which detects your activity levels. The finished pair of socks can detect if you have not been moving for awhile, and will remotely interact with your Netflix to pause it.

The socks use a special programming and device that will not work with most devices and is specific to the Xbox One gaming system, because the Xbox One can read IR signals, while the other devices cannot. Netflix has suggested going even further and adding a pulse monitor to perfect the new invention.

We may not be the ones whipping up a pair of these socks, but let us know if you are tech savvy enough to do so! The socks would make a great present for your favorite Netflix junkie friend.


If you have been staying updated, you know that a new version of Full House is coming to Netflix on February 26th, 2016.

The new Netflix exclusive will feature the Tanner family and friends all grown up as if we just missed a few years of their lives. Sadly, not everyone from the original cast will be joining. The Olsen twins will not be in the new Fuller House, but everyone else supposedly will be.

This week the internet went wild when Netflix released the first teaser of Fuller House, but the clip did not show us much. During the clip you see sections of the house we remember, like the living room, and the kitchen. You also see a dog, who gets excited as people come to the door, but we never see who is at the door, and the door is never opened.

The teasing trailer is available to watch below:

We all are excited to be seeing Full House once again, even if it is just for one short season, but this could go on for awhile. Netflix has only stated that they have decided on the one season so far.

Many other shows are coming back also, such as Gilmore Girls. Gilmore Girls is also coming back thanks to Netflix, but for only one season to help us get the closure we never received.

Only a couple months left and we will be visiting the Tanner family once again, and we cannot wait! Hopefully the teaser got you a little excited, because it excited us!


Television is constantly creating new shows, which can only mean that some of our favorites get thrown out of the window, as if they were nothing.

This happened to one of our favorites, Arrested Development. Arrested Development was cancelled by Fox, but later revived for a fourth season by Netflix. The Netflix revival was a bit different from the Fox episodes, but it fulfilled the void we all had, and many viewers wanted a fifth season. The fifth season did not seem to be happening, and we said goodbye to Arrested Development in 2013.

News of the fifth season started to recirculate as Ron Howard either seemed hopeful for the fifth season, or knows something we do not. Howard’s updates were making us truly believe that Mitch Hurwitz is currently working with writers and trying to revive Arrested Development.

As 2016 is just around the corner, we pretty much assumed Arrested Development was dead, and we have been binge watching old episodes since. Most of us were hopeful that Ron Howard’s updated were real, but we tried to not get our hopes up as the show has been out of production for almost four years. Recently Mitch Hurwitz made some updates that completely changed our view on things.

Apparently Mitch Hurwitz does have the backing from Netflix, and Fox to work on a season 5 of Arrested Development, and says that production of the show will start as early as January 2016. The only problem Hurwitz is experiencing is trying to assemble the old cast to create a season 5. In season 4, Netflix re-did a lot of the film production, which allowed cast members to film independently and made the scheduling and pulling of the old cast members together much easier, because rounding the whole infamous cast up after years is not easy when everyone is even more famous and busy with their new shows and films.

Hurwitz could do the same thing, but also is struggling already to make sure the entire Bluth family is in attendance for the show. We cannot do the show without Jason Bateman, or Michael Cera, but both are quite famous now, and may have a million other projects they are working on. Hurwitz does not want to leave anyone out, and seems to be leaning away from the independent filming method that Netflix took on for the fourth season, but at the same time this only makes everything harder and Hurwitz needs to think of a clever way to get everyone together.

The production of the season 5 of Arrested Development is a real thing, and we can only be happy about that right now. The minor details of filming, and who will be involved will have to be sorted out by Hurwitz in time. We can only hope everything goes smoothly and the season fulfills our needs once again, but only time will tell.

In the meantime, we are quite happy and excited, just like Lucille Bluth is below:



Netflix has been great, and has many perks, but sharing a Netflix account could have possibly put you at risk recently and we are saddened by this.

Netflix allows you to share your one account among many different ways, and with many people. Although that is not what Netflix wants to happen, it is allowed. One of the problems with sharing a Netflix account is that it is easier for the black market of Netflix to get hold of the account you are using.

When a recent report showed that you can get any Netflix account for free, or as much as $1 on the black market site, people started jumping on the opportunity and taking advantage of using Netflix for free, except it backfired for everyone who already has an account. Once normal users who just were not willing to pay for the site found the black market, so did hackers. Hackers initially made the site, but were not invested in the hacking and using of the accounts themselves. Now that more people, hackers and internet criminals have found the site, people are at risk.

A writer, Rachel Pick, came face-to-face with the issue herself. Rachel does not share an account, but solely uses it for herself, and when she noticed odd shows and films popping up in the “Recently Watched” section that she has never watched, she knew something was wrong. Rachel found out that her account had been dumped on a site, to use her login credentials free for anyone on the internet to use.

Rachel found a site haveibeenpwned.com, which can give anyone a rough idea if their personal information, or accounts, are up for grabs on the internet. Rachel’s usage of the site was successful, but there are many times where the site does not detect if your personal information is floating around the web for anyone to use.

In an article, 2,400 members have said to have their accounts compromised due to the black market.

Netflix does have an option in settings that forces all users logged into your account, to automatically be logged out. Which boots out anyone who is currently using your username and password. Doing this, then changing your password can save you for a little bit, but hackers can still add your new information onto black market sites.

The recent uprising in hacking Netflix members seems to be driving people away due to them worrying about their personal safety, and Netflix is trying to find a way to fix this, but the only suggestion Netflix has come up with so far is that you should only be able to login to one account, from one spot. This could be a hassle for Netflix families, and we do not see Netflix doing this, but you never know. The safety of any website’s members should be very important.

In the meantime, try the booting option in settings, and change your password to help protect yourself.


Netflix has had their biggest milestones yet this year (2015), and of course everyone is excited for what is to come, but this is one of their biggest milestones yet.

The newest milestone for Netflix is that records state that 51% of all Americans now watch Netflix. That is over half of all Americans, and means Netflix is taking over! The survey was conducted by RBC Capital Markets, and represents an all time high by any streaming platform.

Below is the chart to show how Americans favorite film and television show streaming sites:


The survey did raise some question about YouTube. Many of us watch a variety of popular films, or television shows, on Netflix, but many were wondering about YouTube as it is just below Netflix. What could everyone be watching on YouTube? YouTube does feature some films, but you pay for them individually, versus a platform like Netflix where you can watch an endless amount of films for a flat fee. YouTube offers a completely different kind of content than Netflix, which is why the site being so close to Netflix’s subscribers raised some eyebrows.

The September results for Netflix streaming subscribers was 43 million for the United States, and 26 million for international subscribers. Netflix keeps growing and impressing us all every month!


As a company, Netflix has proven they know what they are doing, and are becoming hot stuff. With the mass amount of Marvel series, and films, along with the new Netflix originals, the company is definitely growing bigger than ever.

Lately, Netflix has been trying to bring back old favorites, or create new episodes to shows that we thought were forever gone. The newest reboot rumor follows the 1960’s television show, Lost in Space. Rumors are swirling that Lost in Space may make a comeback by being rebooted on Netflix.

The 1960’s show follows the Robinson family. The Robinson family was supposed to be launched into space to follow a five year project to explore a distant planet together. Sadly, their plans crumble when their trip is sabotaged by the evil Dr. Zachary Smith, who purposely gets himself trapped within their space ship, and ends up leaving them adrift in space with no way to return back to Earth. Even though Dr. Smith planned to have them trapped in space, he ended up trapping himself along with the Robinson family. Now Dr. Smith, the pilot, and their robot friend are constantly looking for ways to help them get back to their home planet, as the Robinson’s adjust to this new possibly permanent lifestyle.

Lost in Space was definitely a hit in the 60’s, and ran for three full seasons, with almost 75 episodes total. The reviews of Lost in Space are also quite solid. The series at one point had an attempted movie adaptation in 1998, but the adaptation did not take as well as the creators thought.

The news feed on bringing Lost in Space back have been positive, which is why we decided to tell you, yes, Lost in Space is making a comeback! The Netflix reboot is being written by Burk Sharpless and Matt Sazama, with Neil Marshall set to direct. The series is said to be a little more family friendly, and less dark, to appeal to everyone. It is unknown when Lost in Space will be available on Netflix streaming, but we are thinking early 2017. In the meantime, there is plenty of new content coming to Netflix streaming for all subscribers to enjoy! Happy Streaming! 🙂


Netflix is a constantly growing company that is always looking to stay up-to-date and keep their subscribers interested. This week, Netflix has outdone themselves by picking up a brand new show starring one of the Game of Thrones’ stars, Jason Momoa.

The newly Netflix acquired series, Frontier, is said to be an action adventure series that will premiere exclusively on Netflix sometime in 2016. The first season has six episodes thus far, created by Rob Blackie and Peter Blackie. Frontier is being directed by Brad Peyton. The series has a handful of solid producers already, and is not only in association with Netflix, but Discovery too.

Frontier will follow the chaotic and wealthy community surrounding fur trading in North America. The stories are told from the late 18th century, and are told from various perspectives throughout the series. When conflict arises, will people be able to survive and stay alive within the community? Find out in 2016.

Jason Momoa starring in this action filled drama, and being nice eye candy, has already gotten many positive comments, and an increase in the amount of interest in this new series.

Keep checking What’s On Netflix for more information on this upcoming series, Frontier.


There are many new films coming out, and being created that we are excited for, but this new film is definitely one you should be a little more excited for.

Have you watched Snowpiercer on Netflix? The Snowpiercer is already an amazing film that is currently streaming for all Netflix subscribers, and you must watch it if you have not already. The quality of the film is overall amazing, and the story is spectacular too. The film has a 95% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and an 84% on Metacritic, which is high for any newer film today.

So, after all of the hype about the Snowpiercer, you are probably wondering what we are getting at. Well, the Korean director of the Snowpiercer, Bong Joon-ho, has decided to create a film specifically for Netflix. Bong first was recognized for his outstanding director skills when he directed a film in 2007 that not only received awards,  but also a 92% on Rotten Tomatoes! Then he directed the Snowpiercer shortly after, which had a lot of Oscar buzz going around.

After a year, Bong will be working on this new ginormous project, by returning to the monster genre, which is where his fame originally came from. His next project will be a straight-to-Netflix film titled Okja. Netflix has allowed Bong to spread his artistic creativity as they are using the hands-off approach while he creates this new masterpiece.

Okja is already scheduled for filming next year, as many actors has already signed onto it. The film will not be released anytime within the next year, but has plans of releasing in 2017. With a budget of $50 million, we expect to see amazing things from Bong, and cannot wait to hear more about Okja. In the meantime, we can watch Snowpiercer as many times as we would like, because it is still streaming on Netflix!