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Netflix Socks Automatically Pause Your Show


Many Netflix binge watchers, like myself, end up spending many hours watching Netflix. The hours that were once 3pm, quickly turn to 3am, and we end up falling asleep in the middle of our favorite shows. Sadly, Netflix continues to keep rolling, and if you are watching a series, the ...

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    New ‘Fuller House’ Trailer by Netflix


    If you have been staying updated, you know that a new version of Full House is coming to Netflix on February 26th, 2016. The new Netflix exclusive will feature the Tanner family and friends all grown up as if we just missed a few years of their lives. Sadly, not ...

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      ‘Arrested Development’ Moves Forward on Netflix


      Television is constantly creating new shows, which can only mean that some of our favorites get thrown out of the window, as if they were nothing. This happened to one of our favorites, Arrested Development. Arrested Development was cancelled by Fox, but later revived for a fourth season by Netflix. ...

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        Was Your Netflix Hacked?


        Netflix has been great, and has many perks, but sharing a Netflix account could have possibly put you at risk recently and we are saddened by this. Netflix allows you to share your one account among many different ways, and with many people. Although that is not what Netflix wants ...

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          Over Half of All Americans Now Watch Netflix

          Jill Corey [Misc.]

          Netflix has had their biggest milestones yet this year (2015), and of course everyone is excited for what is to come, but this is one of their biggest milestones yet. The newest milestone for Netflix is that records state that 51% of all Americans now watch Netflix. That is over ...

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            Is Netflix Rebooting ‘Lost in Space’ Soon?


            As a company, Netflix has proven they know what they are doing, and are becoming hot stuff. With the mass amount of Marvel series, and films, along with the new Netflix originals, the company is definitely growing bigger than ever. Lately, Netflix has been trying to bring back old favorites, ...

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              Netflix Picks Up New Series Starring ‘Game of Thrones’ Actor


              Netflix is a constantly growing company that is always looking to stay up-to-date and keep their subscribers interested. This week, Netflix has outdone themselves by picking up a brand new show starring one of the Game of Thrones’ stars, Jason Momoa. The newly Netflix acquired series, Frontier, is said to ...

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                ‘Snowpiercer’ Director Will Make a New Film for Netflix


                There are many new films coming out, and being created that we are excited for, but this new film is definitely one you should be a little more excited for. Have you watched Snowpiercer on Netflix? The Snowpiercer is already an amazing film that is currently streaming for all Netflix ...

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